Date: Wed 19 Jul 2017

Arthur J Gallagher's reward for resilience

A difficult season had a delightful end for Arthur J Gallagher at the Welsh Grand Prix of the Sea in Milford Haven.

A last place in the Plate Final and a tied-lowest score was a rough start to the season for Andy Cousins and David Taft in the Arthur J Gallagher P1 Panther.

Aalborg was a difficult trip for the pair and their form from Denmark continued into Greenock two weeks later. Unfortunately, it was much of the same on Saturday in Milford Haven this past weekend.

Three eighth-placed finishes and a spot in sixth is what they mustered on Scottish waters while a technical fault during the first race in Wales saw them bow out of three races as repairs were being made.

Problems with the boat was not the only obstacle the team had to tackle in Milford Haven, as driver David Taft was unable to attend, leaving former Quantum Racing driver John Donnelly to be drafted in as a late replacement.

After a late night and a combined effort of P1 technicians, the Arthur J Gallagher team and many of their competitors got the boat ready for action and Cousins and Donnelly made the most of it.

A blistering start in Sunday’s first race sealed a much-needed victory and their first win of the season was quickly built upon by repeating the feat in the second heat of the day.

Before the UK series finale Arthur J Gallagher’s pair were wary of a low amount of fuel left in the tank and, after storming into a convincing lead, their fears were realised as they ran out with two laps still to go.

Running out of fuel not only ended their pursuit of a clean sweep of wins on Sunday, it also brought the boat below the minimum legal race weight leading to disqualification. Despite the slightly sour end, the last day of the championship will definitely go down as a good day for the team.

“We had a fuel and oil issue in the final race, the zap was broken,” Donnelly explained.

“Despite the last heat, it was good to get back in the boat, to take a boat that, so far this season, had been mid-fleet and prove that it can still get out in front."

“It was a great day of racing. The first two races were brilliant and we got out in front in the last one so it was a great day all-in-all,” Cousins added.

With Cousins being one of the youngest team members across the SuperStock participants this year and a promising end to the season the future looks bright in the Arthur J Gallagher camp and they are well-established to continue their rise next season.

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