Date: Mon 30 Apr 2018

P1 AquaX makes its debut in Malaysia

Riders head to the island of Labuan for exhibition event to introduce AquaX racing to a Malaysian audience

Malaysia welcomed P1 AquaX this weekend in Labuan as it hosted the Labuan International Sea Challenge (LISC). The LISC promotes the island as a premier marine sport venue and tourist destination, with the two-week celebration featuring a variety of on-water and beach competitions such as kayaking, deep sea fishing and boat racing.

The East Malaysian island of Labuan is made up of six smaller islands and is located off the coast of the state of Sabah. With its deep-water port at the mouth of Brunei Bay, the island boasts duty-free status and is the support hub for trade, shipping and banking.

There were six members of the Brunei Jet Sport Association (BSJA) who represented Brunei in the newly-introduced P1 AquaX exhibition event off the Borneo coast. This spectacle rounded off the fortnight celebration with highly competitive racing in the 200 and 300 horsepower classes.

The annual Sea Challenge event, which was in its 22nd year, is not only a catalyst for creating awareness of Labuan but also a major reason for the tourists to travel to Malaysia as the country head towards Visit Malaysia Year in 2020 and Labuan Visit Year in 2021.

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