Date: Thu 03 May 2018

“I seem to have developed an incurable addiction to AquaX racing” says Joe Harvey

The Eurotour champion in 2017, Joe Harvey blasts through 10 questions ahead of this year's opener at La Seyne-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean coast.

After not being able to walk for 12 months, Harvey was back in action in Torquay!

After not being able to walk for 12 months, Harvey was back in action in Torquay!

Harvey flying through the waves in Torquay last month

Harvey flying through the waves in Torquay last month

Can Joe retain his title in 2018?

Can Joe retain his title in 2018?

Here is what Experience Kissimmee rider, Harvey had to say for himself..

You're still recovering from a serious injury last year. What happened?
I broke my leg and ankle quite severely in October in the final race event of the season in Barcelona.

What damage did you cause to yourself?
I landed heavily on the face of a wave and the severe impact shattered my ankle and broke my tibia and fibula clean through.

What was the toughest part your recovery?
To be honest, the time has passed pretty quickly. Initially I thought I may have become very depressed by the injury, but I've handled it pretty well. I haven't really had any major lows apart from being trapped in hospital for a month at the start.

When did you realise you wouldn't make it to the inaugural P1 AquaX World Championships inKey West last December? And how difficult was that to deal with?
I knew as soon as I had an x-ray in Barcelona hospital that I was going to be out of the game for a long time. I knew I wasn't going to the World Championships and I was absolutely gutted. Having worked so hard throughout the season on and off the ski it was frustrating to be disabled for nearly 5 months.

Did you think that your racing career was over?
My plans were to always to get back on the ski as soon as the doctor gave me the go ahead. The injury was never going to put me off doing what I love - riding and racing is something that I'm very passionate about, simple as.

What is your mindset at this point?
For me it was more a case of how can I heal quicker, and how can I adapt. It was uncertain when I would be back in the water after the doctor's initial worry that I wouldn't be walking for another 12 months. However, just being on the start line for me is an achievement in its own, let alone back on the circuit for the first round of the UK Series in Torquay.

How did it feel getting back out there in Torquay last month for the opening race weekend of the season?
Conditions went from rough to massive and it was pretty painful on my ankle due to the significant internal bruising and tissue damage as a result of the 3 operations. I've been out riding since then and things are definitely improving.

How do you feel in yourself after the injury?
I feel much more confident and the pain is easing significantly, so fingers crossed it's all going well. I'm geared up and ready to go racing. I'm still going through the healing process, but my head is certainly focused in the game.

How much do you know about this weekend's race venue here in La Seyne-sur -Mer?
I can't wait to crack on and go racing. I've got a positive mentality. I'm not really too clued up about the south of France but I'm expecting big things: nice sea conditions, hopefully some sun and some good racing and results.

What is it that you like about AquaX that keeps bringing you back?
I love to ride and race on the sea. I love the challenging conditions and just how professional each AquaxX weekend is. It's an incurable addiction that I seemed to have developed. I did my first race in 2013 and have entered every race possible all around the globe. Safe to say I don't plan on stopping just yet.

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