Date: Wed 30 May 2018

From Jet Skis to Jetsurf - Anya Colley is taking marine motorsport by storm

Marine motorsport is an extremely tough and challenging sport to crack. But cracking it, and then some, is 26-year-old, seven-time world personal watercraft (PWC) champion, Anya Colley.

Having already conquered stand-up and P1 AquaX racing she has recently embarked on her latest challenge – to battle it out in Jetsurf.

Derbyshire-born, Anya left her P1 AquaX racing days behind and transitioned into Jet surfing in 2017. In just six short months she gained sponsorship, joined the Jetsurf Factory Team and made her debut in the MotoSurf World Cup.

“Will I ever return to P1 AquaX? For sure!

“Will I ever return to P1 AquaX? For sure!" - Anya can't go back on her word now!

Now, with her training heating up in preparation for the 2018 edition of the MotoSurf World Cup which returns next month, Anya will compete at venues around the world including the Czech Republic, China, South Korea, USA and the UK.

She may be making waves in Jetsurf, but her roots remain with PWCs. Anya rode her first PWC when just five-years-old and fell in love with the water instantly. In 2004, she took a more serious turn in the sport and competed in her first ever stand-up PWC race. She spent eight years competing before she turned to sit-down PWC racing in the world’s biggest and best sit-down series, P1 AquaX.

P1 AquaX is one of three events organised by leading marine motorsport promoter, Powerboat P1, and while racing in the 2014 P1 AquaX series, Anya won the US title. She then spent the next three years racing in the P1 AquaX Enduro Pro class under the sponsorship of the Sea-Doo X-Team.

Colley showing off her skills in a packed crowd at the Miami Marine Stadium

Colley showing off her skills in a packed crowd at the Miami Marine Stadium

Anya recently journeyed to Miami for the start of the P1 AquaX US series. While she no longer races in P1 AquaX, she couldn’t resist taking to the water and flew to Miami to entertain the crowds with her new Jetsurf skills.

Powerboat P1 caught up Anya away from the water and spoke about her move into Jetsurf. She said:

“I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and push my skills, and Jetsurf is certainly doing that for me. Some of the competitors in the sport have been doing it for 6 to 7 years. I have only been doing it for 6 months, so it’s a whole new adventure for me. The way the sport is split is different to what I am used to as in Jetsurf there are separate male and female classes but it’s so great to see so many women competing in the sport.”

Miami provided a weekend of high-speed action as the P1 AquaX racing got underway. And, with so much going on, Powerboat P1 was keen to find out if Anya was in any way itching to get back into PWC racing and return to P1 AquaX. She said:

“Will I ever return to P1 AquaX? For sure! I absolutely love the guys at Sea-Doo, but at the moment I just cannot squeeze it into my schedule. I had to make a choice and for me starting a completely different sport is so awesome and my priority at the moment. Throughout my career I have seen the highs and lows of PWC racing and I must say coming to Miami and seeing what the Powerboat P1 and its AquaX team have done with this event is so cool.”

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