Date: Tue 24 Jul 2018

Behind the Scenes with Anthony Radetic

Q&A with Pro Enduro rider Anthony Radetic

Anthony's Need for Speed

Anthony's Need for Speed

Anthony Radetic is undeniably one of the US series’ most formidable and inspirational riders. While serving for his country, Anthony sustained life-changing injuries and was left paralyzed. His injuries closed the door to many sports, but in P1 AquaX he found solace, and something to fulfil his undying need for speed!

This year, the former U.S. Army Blackhawk Pilot is yet again enjoying great success as one of the top 10 pro riders in the Pro Enduro and is spurred on by the backing of one of the series’ most prolific sponsors, Rip It Energy Fuel.

Prior to the series starting, leading energy drink brand Rip It Energy Fuel announced Anthony as their official series rider. As a result, Anthony’s Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 is wrapped in Rip It branding and he has representatives from the brand join him at each of his series race events.

The latest event Anthony raced in was the HotelPlanner Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Festival in Sarasota, Florida. We caught up with Anthony at the recent event and gave insight into; his series so far, his main competition, what it means to have Rip It Energy Fuel on board as a sponsor and how he maintains his fitness.

Anthony, it’s great to have you speaking with us. How is your season shaping up so far?

So far, the season has been going amazingly well, I am having a great time out there on the water and you can certainly sense competition is in the air!

You already have quite the impressive list of sponsors who have supported you throughout your career, but what does it mean to you to have acclaimed sponsor, Rip It Energy Fuel, on board this year?

I cannot thank Rip It Energy Fuel enough for their support, they have been by my side through every single round and I am looking forward to having them with me as I complete the last few rounds of the season. They have given me the most prestigious honour of representing them at each event and for that I'm forever grateful.

Besides Rip It Energy Fuel, who else motivates you at each race?

My main motivators and supporters are my family, my pit crew and my sponsors. They put the time in to make this whole race season come to life, so I always want to make them proud. Without them this would be an absolute uphill battle. My wife and my kids attend all of the races and are my source of motivation.

Rip It Race Pit Always Looking Sharp

Rip It Race Pit Always Looking Sharp

The P1 staff making down time between races always enjoyable

The P1 staff making down time between races always enjoyable

Anthony's Need for Speed

Anthony's Need for Speed

The Pro Enduro class is competitive by nature, but do you have any opponents in your sights this year?

My biggest competition is the always the guy just in front of me. They are the hurdle between me and the next place up! This season though, I have some great battles with Johnny Smith and Christian Daly, who are both great guys and phenomenal riders.

With that in mind, what is your race style? Do you strategically plan when to strike your opponents, or race flat out for the entirety of a race?

My race strategy has somewhat changed this season actually. Most of the other riders tend to blast out of the gate, which I have always thought was ridiculous – you don't win the race on the first mile! But, I have come to realise there is method to their madness. It's very hard to pass someone that has a fast ski so making sure I get a good start is my focus. After the start I like to find my rhythm and settle in my zone. Once I’m in my zone, that’s when it's game on, that’s when I strike.”

Fitness is key to success in this sport. How do you prepare leading up to each race?

The Endurance class is endurance by name and endurance by nature, so it’s important that I place a big focus on cardio. My training schedule consists of cycling 8-12 hours a week combined with 3-4 days of a strength training program. I do that all the way up to two days before a race then I switch over to reconditioning before race day. This fitness structure has been working out very well for me, keeping me consistent and in my target zone throughout the entire series.

Do you have a strict diet plan to complement your training efforts too?

For me diet is simple – it’s about eating right. During race season I stay away from carbs and sugar and follow a strict meal prep programme. The week of the race I stock back up on carbs, introducing them slowly back into my diet to give me maximum energy for the race.

Finally, the next P1 AquaX challenge for you will be in Chicago on 1-2 September. What do you anticipate for that event?

Chicago is going to be a rough venue. If last year was anything to go by, and if they live up to their name of the ‘windy city’ that weekend, we can expect big waves and tough racing conditions. It will certainly be a test of skill that’s for sure.

You can catch more action from Antony Radetic in Chicago where he will be looking to continue to rise through the top 10 and Fort Lauderdale in the season finale.

Watch another live interview with Anthony here!

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