Date: Tue 18 Sep 2018

Second British Powerboat Title For Balloch Girl

Oban Duncan crowned RYA Honda RIB Champion at the Southampton Boat Show at the weekend

12-year-old Oban Duncan from Balloch, a pupil at the High School of Glasgow, won her second British Championship title this year becoming the RYA Honda RIB Champion at the Southampton Boat Show at the weekend.

The Honda RYA Youth RIB Championship, sponsored by Honda and Highfield, is a National Championship in which 8-16 year old Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) drivers can demonstrate their skills to win a boat for their club.

The competition takes the form of a time trial around a set of marks. The ability to control, navigate around the slalom buoys and to stop a boat from full speed within one metre of a stop buoy takes considerable ability and boat handling precision. Each competitor has two runs, one as a practice and one as a 'hot lap'. Both runs are timed and the fastest time put forward, with an official observer in the boat watching every move and turn waiting to award time penalties for any mistakes made.

13 regions throughout the UK met at Southampton Boat Show on Sunday to compete in the championship. Two minutes on the water and it was all over. Oban’s best time of 1 min 4 seconds was 4 seconds faster than her nearest competitor.

Only last month Oban was crowned British Sprint Champion in the Powerboat GT15 race seriest. This is powerboat racing of a completely different nature, with typical speeds of up to 41 mph and boats only metres apart.

Oban has performed at P1 Grand Prix of the Sea events in the UK in recent years where she took on adults in a time trial challenge.

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