P1 AquaX

AquaX takes its place alongside the P1 Superstock series in the UK and the US (from 2013). As with SuperStock, Powerboat P1 own the rights to the P1 AquaX Championships and its interest in watercraft competition is based on building a sport from the ground up. Hence AquaX is unlike any watercraft competition that’s gone before, it is specifically geared towards attracting amateur riders of personal watercraft to come along and have a go!

AquaX is an exciting coastal challenge that offers a completely new experience for personal watercraft enthusiasts. Unlike other watercraft competition, AquaX events take place on the sea and because of the ever-changing coastal conditions, the rider’s skill prevails over horsepower, thus creating a level playing field for all.

Classes are split into 4 categories of 200hp, 250hp, 300hp and Sea-Doo riders race for a special Sea-Doo cup, courses are long but fun to ride, giving the competitors the chance to open up their throttles and enjoy the full performance of their craft in a safe and controlled environment.

The series is made up of five events where competitors earn points towards overall championship titles. The Championship enjoys busy grids from all walks of life and a huge camaraderie in the paddock as rider’s battle it out on the high seas together. The 30 min endurance races can be physically demanding in rough seas and a huge sense of achievement can be won just by finishing much of the time!

The series is highly competitive and is growing in popularity due to the great accessibility, ease and low cost of entry.

P1 AquaX web site.

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