P1 SuperStock

The P1 SuperStock Championship for the first time offers a series where competitors can race the same brand new boat: the P1 Panther 28-SS in the UK, USA or UAE.

When you’re racing with the same boat, same engine, and same performance the only difference between winning and losing is you. P1 SuperStock lets the pilots battle it out on the water through every turn and every wave jump. It’s an acid test of a team’s ability to command the boat through demanding conditions.

SuperStock race courses are tight, two miles in length and are run close to the shore. There are typically 5 rounds or race weekends in a season and racers get up to three 20 minute races over a weekend. The teams battle all the elements to win their National Championship, earning them the right to race in a World Championship in 2015.

The fusion of these elements creates dramatic racing and changeable race leaders, on a course that can be radically different with each lap. All the action can be easily viewed from the shore by huge crowds of spectators and it’s all captured on film and televised in high definition for a global audience.

If you are interested in setting up a national SuperStock Championship franchise click here.

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P1 Superstock USA web site
P1 Superstock UK web site
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P1 Superstock - Grand Prix of the Seas. Powerboat Racing at its best!