Powerboat P1 & The UIM

The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) is the international governing body of powerboating, based in the Principality of Monaco. It was founded in Belgium in 1922 as the Union Internationale du Yachting Automobile.

Based in Monaco, the UIM is the driving force behind all international powerboat racing with the principal aim of developing the sport into one of the leading motorsports worldwide.

By 1927 UIM had acquired a permanent administrative base, had circulated its first sporting rules, published its first racing calendar and after a change of name to the now familiar UIM was ready to welcome nations into its fold. At that time the number of member nations was just 12, but the figure has now risen to more than 60.

The sport’s administration is carried at the UIM’s small suite of offices in Monaco, staffed by the permanent full-time Secretary General and five administrative assistants. The ultimate authority in the sport is vested in the UIM’s General Assembly, made up of one delegate from each sanctioned national authority and which meets annually. Responsible to General Assembly for the management of the UIM is the Executive Committee, currently comprising the President and a minimum of five members.

If the General Assembly is the supreme authority and the Executive Committee is the power base of the UIM, it is the Commissions which make the sport work by formulating, regulating and policing the rules of competition. It is within the last 30 years or so that the UIM has grown most and one of the principal reasons for this is the proliferation of racing driven jointly by the Union and its various independent promoters.

The UIM believes that the safety of its racers is of the utmost importance. Two other key pillars of its philosophy are the nurturing and development of young talent and environmentally-friendly practices.

In the face of geographical growth, financial pressure and the quest for media exposure, the UIM has the challenging task of presiding over a sport whose roots are firmly bedded in amateurism but which by its very nature is being progressively enveloped by professionalism at every level.

Powerboat P1 & The UIM

Powerboat P1 Management Limited is the owner of a long-term (55-year’s) international promoter’s licence granted by IOC affiliated international powerboat governing body, the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM).

As a result of this, P1 play’s a proactive role in helping to grow, develop and modernise Powerboat Racing.

P1 has been working with the UIM to develop young talent through the UIM Youth Development Programme.

The aim of this exciting initiative is to encourage youngsters to develop general water awareness skills as well as respecting the environment, their fellow competitors, the racing rules and above all understanding the importance of safety within the sport. This project will also allow a clear pathway of progression from the UIM junior classes to the senior classes within the sport of powerboat racing and to promote safe, responsible and environmentally friendly racing for the future.

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