Corporate Hospitality

It’s time for something completely different!

Are your clients tired of going to the same old sporting hospitality venue’s, are you looking for something new, exciting and action-packed?

Then look no further! With hospitality at P1 SuperStock and AquaX race events you become part of the sporting action. We can get you face to face with the teams and drivers, plus access to all the wet and dry paddocks.

You’ll be part of the exciting racing environment, feel the adrenaline fueled atmosphere before the races, and watch all the action from the most privileged vantage points.

With events hosted at vibrant coastal resorts, the opportunity for weekend entertaining is endless and we can get you and your guests into a boat or a personal watercraft to experience life on the waves for themselves.

Contact us for more details and package details.

P1 Superstock - Grand Prix of the Seas. Powerboat Racing at its best!