Host Venue Partners

Partnerships are at the heart of the P1 business model and the key to a great event is building long-term relationships with host venues, becoming a part of the venue’s social fabric, raising its profile nationally (and internationally in some cases), boosting the local economy and delivering results for sponsors.

Media and television broadcast relationships play a vital role in building P1’s international presence and in delivering exposure for venues and commercial partners.

A key revenue source in staging a race event is the fee paid by host venues. The hosting fee and provision of value in kind support of an event typically come from any one of a combination of the following entities:

  • Government funding (such as sports tourism initiatives)
  • A local authority
  • Tourism organisation
  • Regeneration / Economic development organisation
  • Corporate business (sponsor-led event), including a destination such as a hotel
  • A local event promoter

P1 events are based on an inward economic model that drives a strong local stimulus. There are three main economic drivers: event delivery impact, spectator impact and media impact.

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