Become a Host Venue

Are you looking to provide your town with an instant economic injection via hosting a vibrant, crowd pulling and exciting event?
Hosting the The P1 SuperStock Championship could be easier than you think!

What we need from a host venue:

The perfect venue can be anywhere with sufficient space for the boats to race. Fresh water or Sea, lakes or rivers, if your town has the space we can race. The water is our race track and providing there is sufficient water depth, and access to get boats and ski's in we can race under almost any conditions.

If you are looking to becoming a host city there are a few considerations. We like to work with venues that are active in promoting the event and engaging the town in our activities. We need some dry and wet dock areas, a place to site our race control facilities and room for a minimum of 1 articulated lorry. We also require the co-operation of the Harbour master for shipping movements. We will liaise with all the authorities and create a clear race circuit on the water and help you to design and manage traffic flows and parking and any shore side attractions.

What we bring:

We bring a truly unique sporting arena to your city as part of a national and international powerboat series. Your city will be held in the same esteem as others like Abu Dhabi, Daytona, London and Mumbai.

Each venue has its own unique requirements but as a standard we will bring a fleet of race boats, jetski’s, teams, support crew and vehicles. The AquaX fleet bring glamour and excitement and there are options to include demonstrations by world champion freestyle jet-skier and much more water borne action.

The sporting event has colour, glamour, noise and height aided by the helicopter which follows the racing for filming. This event provides an exciting weekend attraction for Tourists and locals and will bring out instant crowds whatever the weather boosting all local outlets. P1 SuperStock brings in a 60 man crew and over 30 teams and riders will instantly boost the local hotel and restaurant trade. Aside from this we provide a whole weekend of live, free to view racing action, generating an instant buzz and excitement around the shoreside. Our own professional crew and safety teams are a mandatory component and they run the racing championship like clockwork safely and seamlessly.

We also work with venues to provide shoreside activities which vary from venue to venue but there is usually activities to occupy all ages between the races. We appreciate that venues need to generate revenue so we help you by bringing in a host of exciting family based shoreside activities. There are opportunities to meet the drivers and get autographs plus the televised Sky Sports coverage will help promote your town to a worldwide audience. Our international experience means that we can create an event that suits your city, from full scale festival experiences with carnival rides, stages, bands and performers to low key, intimate venues that are looking at a more elite client base.

How do venues make the final cut?

The main issues to consider are: dates, tides or water depth for access of boats in and out over a weekend and how much your town is prepared to help both in terms of funding and commitment. The racing is free for the public to watch, and we like to create a dynamic and interactive atmosphere so our host cities must be pro-active when promoting the race. We can bring the event but no one knows your city like you do and we both want to bring out the crowds so this is a key criteria we sue when assessing any partnership. Our races can immediately help to boost the local economy but we are looking for a minimum commitment of 3 years unless you have a truly special one off event you want us to tie in with.

Once we have assessed the venue, commitment and physical possibilities we begin the process of building the profile and awareness. Generally we require a lead time of at least 7 months or more for the PR and marketing to take hold but it is possible to work on shorter time scales if we have to.

What does it cost?

That’s the hardest question of all. The answer depends on your ambition.
In some cities the direct funding component has been almost zero with huge value given in promotion and co-operation, in others it’s been well into seven figures, much of it spent building a bigger show.

We all know it’s tough out there so we are very realistic about hosting fees. Don’t be afraid to ask us directly. It will be far less than you imagine and we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. If your city has hosted one of the other big maritime race series you will be stunned at what good value Powerboat P1 offers.

How can we offset the costs?

What we like to do is to try and make the races self-funding for our hosts. We do this by engaging with you and brining in local sponsors and businesses and by helping you to generate revenues from all sorts of sources.

The races are designed to attract large numbers of visitors who will stay for 1 or 2 night, so your hotels will be filled. Local vendors and manufacturers and retailers are encouraged to join in and create a wealth of lucrative opportunities. Bars and clubs are used to hold special events before the races begin and over race weekends and councils can benefit directly by exploiting their powers via park and ride scheme, exclusive car parking charges to merchandising, advertising and cross promotion in all the other cities we race in across the globe.

If you are interested in talking to us about becoming a host venue please call Eugene Bari on +44 (0) 7826 947114 or email :

See the benefits of hosting a P1 event by reading our case study focused on our 2017 weekend in Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland.

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