Jetcross Compete

There is a Jetcross class for everybody, at all levels of skill and competence. From the best international professional skiers, to youngsters in their first year of the sport.


Jetcross provides a platform for racers to compete on either the Ski and Sport type PWC. Jetcross Sprint racing will run to Jetcross general rules and technical rules – JX1-2-3-4.

2017 Jetcross Class Structure

Jetcross Championship Classes

  • Pro Ski – JX1

  • ------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pro/Am Ski – JX2
  • Pro/Am Ski – JX3 4 Stroke (only for Kawasaki SX-R 1500)
  • Pro/Am Veteran Ski – JX1

  • ------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pro/Am Sport – JX4 (SD Spark & Yam EX)
  • Pro/Am Ladies Sport – JX4 (SD Spark & Yam EX)
  • Pro/Am Sport – GP (USA only or for some specific venue)

  • ------------------------------------------------------------
  • Am Ski – JX3 & JX3 Lites
  • Am Junior Ski – JX3 (only Lites)
  • Am Ladies Ski – JX3

  • ------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pro Freestyle

For more information on the Jetcross classes please click here.


The comprehensive P1 Jetcross Rule Book can be found here.


All the class titles and prizes for Jetcross competitions can be found here.

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