Making Waves Around the World

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Powerboat P1 - International Extreme Sports Promoter
  • Into a Third Decade of Racing
  • 19 Countries on 4 Continents
  • Over 700 Races

Our race events combine high-speed, free-to-watch sport and family entertainment, attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers around the world, also playing a valuable role as an effective destination marketing tool. By creating high caliber events, we generate a significant level of inward economic investment at host venues, together with the commercial platform created for sponsors, partners and the wider marine industry.

Media and broadcast relationships play a key role in enhancing our international presence, delivering exposure for venues and commercial partners, and building the foundations for a commercially viable, credible and global marine motorsport platform.

P1 Offshore

This increasingly important brand within the P1 family encompasses the APBA offshore national championship series, with P1 having been granted by the APBA exclusive worldwide rights to film and distribute its offshore events for the next five years. At all race events, P1 will produce a one-hour television highlights show, featuring Class 1 racing and other APBA classes.

P1 Jetcross

Attracting a younger demographic, P1 Jetcross is considered by many to be the equivalent of motocross on water, with custom designed race hulls and highly tuned engines to power themselves around close-to-shore technical courses.

P1 Superstock

When competitors are racing with the same boat, same engine, and same performance the only difference between winning and losing is the crew. P1 SuperStock lets the pilots battle it out on the water through every turn and every wave jump. It’s an acid test of a team’s ability to command the boat in challenging conditions.

P1 Offshore

Class One racing is the highest class of powerboat racing in the world where boats can reach speeds in excess of 160mph, attracting teams from the United States, Dubai and Australia. Powerboat P1 promotes the APBA Offshore Championship, a six-venue, multiclass race series.

P1 AquaX

P1 AquaX is the fastest growing watercraft race series in the world. It prides itself on attracting the best riders and the fastest off-the-shelf watercraft with speeds in excess of 80mph. Its rapid growth is owed to a simple, accessible yet challenging race format that appeals to today’s personal watercraft users.

P1 Offshore

In September 2010, P1 launched a registered charity which has as its principal objective the promotion of the conservation, protection and improvement of the marine and coastal environment. The Foundation focuses on conservation by supporting research, raising awareness of serious threats to the oceans and creating selected partnerships.

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